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Organic Melt™ Ice melter

This stuff is greener and meaner than regular salt. It kills ice not grass and you can sleep at night knowing that you made the right choice. This is a great product and although it does cost more, it goes 30% farther so the difference isn’t very much at all. Made in Canada and 100% organic. Available from The SnowMen snow removal service.

To apply Organic Melt™ simply remove any accumulation of snow before application. Spread the product evenly at a rate of 1/3 cup (75 ml) to one square meter. As the product begins to work, remove the melted snow and ice with caution not to pile near vegetation. Hard pack or thick ice may require reapplication of the product.

Organic Melt™ should be used on:

  • Freezing rain, ice pellets or sleet: Apply product before, or as soon as, sleet or freezing rain begins.
  • Heavy or melting snow: Apply at beginning of snowfall or immediately after the removal of accumulation.
  • Ice or thick-packed snow: After shovelling, apply product as directed to melt remaining snow or ice. Organic Melt™ should not be used on any concrete surfaces that have not been cured for a minimum of 12 months, coloured or tinted concrete, natural stone and precast pavers. Any surfaces that are chipped, cracked or even exposed should not be treated.
Active ingredients:
Alkaline degragated sugar beet, NaCl

Active ingredients: Alkaline degragated sugar beet, NaCl

Category : Salting & Sanding / eco-friendly

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